Monday, February 15, 2016

Hostess Monday Digital Delights

Happy Monday everyone!
It's my turn to hostess at Digital Delights and today I thought I'd take time for a little reminiscing!
I have been designing for Wendy for more years than I can count, safe to say it's over 5, and I still love her Spring and Easter collections more than any other season! Something about the innocence and newness of this time of year, using soft pastels and floral patterns, just makes me happy inside. My card making style and coloring have improved so it's fun to see a little evolution too. So for my post today I'm sharing some of my favorites and I hope they are your favorites too!

From 2011 using Dilly Duck and Tree Background

From 2012 using Honey Bunny (no longer available but too cute not to share!

From 2013 using Bouquet Daisy Set

From 2014 using Daisy Bo Peep

From 2015 using Easter Kiddles

I hope you enjoyed this this journey back in time and we hope to see y'all around for many more years!


1 comment:

Olga Fink said...

All your cards are gorgeous! nice memories for you!
xx Olga