Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Halloween Skeleton Frame Wreath

Not papercrafting today but crafting none the less!
I love to decorate for the all the seasons and Holidays but haven't made a Halloween wreath before, only a Fall One (which I will share later).
I decided to do a little looking on the net and found THIS FABULOUS FRAME WREATH and just knew I needed to make one for myself.
Now being a crafter I already had a lot of things around to use, it was the black frame that started me looking to create something with it, but I needed the skeleton.

Project Recipe:
Frame - Already had
Skeleton - $9.98 at Walmart
Silver Pumpkin - 98 cents at Walmart
Witches Hat, Halloween Sign, Creepy Cloth and Tinsel - $1 each at Dollar Tree
Spiders - Michaels (50 cents)
Lights - $4.99 at Walmart
Ribbon - Clearance at Walmart last year $1
Total - About $22!

I wired the skeleton to the frame with florist wire
I loved the Witches hat and hot glued it to the skeleton, makes him/her creepy cute I think!

The sign was just $1 and I simply took of the ribbon hanger and used two nails to attach it to the frame.

The bow was the hardest part for me, I'm not good at tying/creating bows and even after watching a ton of You Tube videos I still couldn't get it perfect but with wired ribbon you can hide a lot of imperfections and so I was happy in the end.

I loved this silver glittery pumpkin and at 98 cents it was a bargain! I just hot glued it to the skeletons hand

I added a string of battery operated Christmas lights to brighten it a little, I like that the bulbs have little clips that attach easily to the ribbon

It "glows" at night!

I had a lot of fun making this and just wanted to share with you all!


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