Friday, February 5, 2010

Want to know the answers? And were YOU the winner?

Happy Friday,
I hope you enjoyed the little contest I had with my "House that Tilda Built".
The answers are (with links to as many as I could find)
1.Tilda In Spring Rain
2.Love Tilda
3.Tilda With Wine and Basket
4.Stylish Tilda
5.Tilda With Watering Can
6.Patches Tilda (also known as Tilda with Heart Jumper)
7.Peachy Tilda
8.Jam Tilda
9.Standing Fall Tilda
10.Kitchen Tilda
11.Easter Tilda
12.Giggling Tilda
13.Tilda With Ice Cream
14.Unwrapped Tilda
15.Tilda With Balloons

I only linked so you can see what the whole stamp looks like, I'm not suggesting any of the sites above are better than each other, I just found ones that had the stamp on their site right now.
Diana at Magnolialicious can usually get any of the stamps, she's the largest selection in the US.

And the winner of the candy is Sheng!.
Be sure to email me with your address and I'll get your package out to you.
Thanks for joining in and be sure to come back later today for a card featuring the cutest Cupid I've ever seen!

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fairie said...

Oh wow!!! Woo hoo!! I can't believe it. Thank you so much.

xoxo hugz