Saturday, November 21, 2020

Rusty Peeled Paint Giant Christmas Sleigh Jingle Bells

Today I have the 2020 version of my Giant Sleigh Bells made from Dollar Tree Mixing Bowls!

In 2018 I made the original video that you see here

and 2019 was the galvanized metal paint finish version that you can see here

And this year I wanted to make one closest to my original inspiration that started it all back in 2018, a metal bell with peeling paint and rusty spots. I tried many methods, painting, adding cinnamon, even bought a special kit, and nothing worked. So this year, yes I’ve been working on this since last year, I did a lot of research, watched a lot of YouTube videos, read a lot of blogs and it wasn’t until I discovered Van Oaks Props, I called it the wrong name in the video, a senior moment, that I found what I needed! He has the best channel for paint effects, made for big items like Halloween props but they can work for us small time crafters too. His channel is Van Oaks Props

The two videos I combined techniques from were Rusted Metal look and Cracked and Chipped paint , this technique I knew and had tried before on a “faux birch wood logs” project but his video inspired me to add it to his other technique and they worked great for the look I wanted. I tried the rusted metal technique in full, using the hairspray and water method but on my plastic surface (I think that was the issue anyway) I couldn’t get it to work, believe me I tried multiple times, most likely user error 😉 Anyway, the two techniques combined worked and I really hope you love the results as much as I do.

Products used: Dollar Tree Mixing Bowls
Dollar Tree Shower Curtain ring (for largest 9” bowl topper)
Greenery and ribbon of your choice
Black spray paint
(I get mine at Walmart)Rustic Orange spray paint
Yellow spray paint
Brown/Dark Red spray paint (I used flat red primer)
School glue, clear or white, thinned with water
Acrylic paint color of choice, I do not recommend chalk style paint for this technique
Paint brush
Spray bottle of water, optional for making larger “rust spots”
Glue, suggestions
The Ultimate
you can use hot glue but you have to work very quickly and the bond is not as long lasting.

1. Spray 2 bowls with black spray paint and let dry completely.
2. When black in dry mist rustic orange, or similar color, over the bowl from about 15 – 18” height, you want color but not solid coverage.
3. Repeat with yellow paint but from about a 20-25” height, again misting, you are adding to the depth of color, not painting it a solid color.
4. Final layer is the brown or flat red primer, again from a 20” or so height, dusting over the bowl. If the orange looks too muted add a final layer of orange to bring out the rust color.
5. Leave to dry completely, this won’t take long.
6. Dilute school glue, white or clear works, with water until the consistency or thick syrup.
7. Brush all over the bell in just one direction, around the bell in circles working upwards, you want a thick layer all in the same direction.
8. Let dry until tacky and then paint with your topcoat of acrylic paint, do not use chalk paint as it is too thick and won’t give the same effect. I mixed white and antique white together to get the color I wanted but that color is your choice, darker colors will not show the crackles as much. Add the acrylic paint the same as the glue, all strokes in the same direction.
9. Let dry and watch the crackles appear. If when dry there is not enough “rust” showing through, then use a spray bottle of water and spray on areas you want more showing through. Use a stiff brush in a circular motion to remover some of the top layer of paint, spraying with water as you scrub to let the under-color show through. Again, let dry completely.
10. Adhere the two bowls together with glue.
11. Paint the edges where the bowls join in a darker color if desired.
12. Make a template for the keyholes in the bottle of the bell, it should look like a circle with a wide rounded stick at the bottom. The template length should be almost the length of the rim of the bowl to place where the bowl sits flat.
13. Trace the template in 4 equal spaces on the base bowl, I use a circle folded in 4 and opened up on the base of the bowl to line up where I want to keyholes.
14. Paint the keyholes black, go slowly and steady as these are what make the bells look real.
15. Drill a hole in each side of the napkin ring, start with a small drill bit and work up in size, a large one will split the ring. Then add the book ring through both holes to make the topper, paint brown with a distressing layer of cream (or whatever color you bell is) to match the bell. Adhere it to the top of the bell. An alternative method is to either drill two holes, as in my original video original video linked above, or use a wood burning tool to make two holes, as in my 2019 video again linked above and thread nautical rope to make the hanger.
16. If using the largest, 9”, bowl you will make the topper from a slice of pool noodle and a shower curtain ring, paint as in the smaller topper.
17. Decorate the bell as desired with greenery, florals, bows or ribbons.


Remember that I have a giveaway going on, all the details are in the tree topper video that you can see HERE and the giveaway closes on December 10th 2020.
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