Monday, July 18, 2011

A Photo Tour of my Crafting Space

In an earlier post I shared my video tour and if you missed it then I'll add it again.

However I know many people either can't watch You Tube or prefer photos so I have them too.
Be sure to click on the photos for the larger images so you can see all the details.
If anyone has any questions about anything you see, where you can buy it, how you make it etc, feel free to leave a comment or email me through the link in the sidebar.
I will try and add details to all photos, but beware, there are 27 of them! LOL

I have my room set up in "stations" so that all alike products that do a certain thing are organized in the same space. This means it's so much easier to create quickly and with deadlines speed is often of the essence in this room!

This is what greets you at the top of the stairs as you enter my space. My Cricut lives here with the cartridges and then all my stuff waiting to be altered. I also use this space for my mailing station, I have a postal scale and boxes for when I sell my crafts.

Here is my wall of punches. These are all "old style" pre Martha Stewart. I have been a "Punch addict" since I started paper crafting and so have gathered a big collection. Sadly these tend to get a little neglected in favor of the newer styles but some, such as circles, squares, tags etc, will always be used.

This is where I keep over-sized dies, embroidery floss and some craft idea books/patterns.

Martha! I use can risers to store the punches as it makes a little space work really well. I got mine at Target but I know the container store sells them too in the pantry section.

A closer photo of my favorites :)

Here is my coloring station. All my Copic's are here (this is almost a full collection, less than 20 greys to go to complete it). In the silver caddy I have my other alcohol markers and the wooden container holds "hot" tools like my glue guns, heat guns and heated knife.

Here is what I fondly call the "Make Up Station". Here are all the things to make you shine! Glitter, Stickles, flocking, micro beads, fabric paint, liquid pearls and all the special adhesives are stored together.
Above the unit is my Magnolia clock.

The die cutting station.
I have a full sized Accucut that I use for long dies and when I want to cut multiple dies at one pass. The Big Shot is used for embossing and all the wafer thin dies.

Under the die cut machines I store my 6" by 6" pads, ready to grab.
Also there are other types of glue, Mod Podge etc. Then next to them are the embossing folders and wafer thin dies.

Here is my wonderful desk! The work surface is a full 4' by 5', lots of space to spread out. The island is made of Jetmax cubes that are raised up on my plinth that my lovely husband made from wooden and base board molding. The top is a piece of MDF trimmed with wooden beading and then painted white to match. The front side holds all my 12" by 12" cardstock and my paper stacks and other designer paper.

On this side are small drawers that hold my wooden dies, Sizzix dies and Big Shot dies.

The other side has paper too. Sorted by color.

This is one of two Expedit units from Ikea that I have in my room. This one holds all my completed scrapbooks, photos waiting to be scrapped, ink pads, embossing powders, tape refills etc.
The brown boxes hold large chipboard sheets, some larger acrylic stamps, specialty papers and other things that don't have another home :)

This is the other Expedit and it holds (going from top to bottom) my rubber stamps, my color cubes, Christmas products and then my acrylic stamps.

This embellishment center hold my distress inks and refills, memento inks, rhinestones, printed chipboard accents and vintage style paper flowers.

These boxes hold my chipboard letters. They were from Ikea but have sadly been discontinued. I took all my chipboard letters apart from their original packaging and sorted them alphabetically.

A close up of two of the "color cubes". I am a "by color" crafter and so it made sense to organize by color too. All embellishments come out of there original packets and get sorted by color. There are a few exceptions (Wild Orchid Crafts and Prima flowers for example) but the majority get stored this way. I can grab the embellishment jar of the color I'm working with and have all my buttons, brads, etc all ready to choose from.

My rubber stamps are stored in these boxes by Sterilte from Target. They fit perfectly in the cubes and I sort by company apart from the wood mounted $1 stamps (from Michaels and Joanns) and they get sorted by theme.

Here are my embellishment letters. There are letter brads, acrylic letters, letter tiles etc and they all get sorted into the spice jars from Ikea. Also here are other metal accents such as jewelry finding, charms and metal beads.
For the jars for the letters I used Rajtan Spice Jars set of 4.
The Burken jars that fit are the 17oz ones
The Burken Spice Jar fits but only in the larger sections of the Making Memories unit so I was limited to their use.

Here is my computer and my theme drawers. Each drawer holds items relating to a distinct theme, for example Baby Girl, Birthday, Wedding, Summer, and all I have to do is take out the drawer and all the items are there. I store stickers, themed ribbons, so themed paper etc in there.
The rug was another Ikea purchase, I thought it looked like a piece of designer paper!

Here is an example of what is in the drawers.

Above the window I have floating shelves that I keep my favorite items I've made on.

Sorry for the bad shot. Under the shelves are florescent tube lighting.

These final photos show the layouts I have on display around the room.
I use curtain rods from Walmart, the Better Homes and Gardens brand.
I looked online and they don't have the exact ones I used but they've been up a few years. The trick is to use the Clip Rings to hold the layouts. They come in a pack of 7. I get 6 layouts on each rods so need 12 rings. They work with any rod less than 1" thick.

If you made it this far I hope you liked it and if you want to know more just let me know!


Janette said...

Hi Katie, I am gobsmacked, never seen so much stock outside of a, it's fantastic, just one question.....when can I move in...xxxx

Scrappy Scatty said...

Oh my Katie !! Can I come and live with you please
Love Jan

Suzanne said...

Will you please be my new BFF? Your room is absolutely stunning and I love all your organization. Going to try out some of your ideas. TFS


Wow Katie
A fantastic craft room can i come and live with you LOL

Hugs Dianne xx :)

paperpapier said...

oh! my goodness luscious! You have an amazing zillion of crafty goodies...and super neat craft room! Your collection is even bigger than all of our local craft stores combined...!
I want to migrate over to your country and don't mind sleeping in your craft!
Brilliant idea with the layout displayed using curtain poles, I love it!

Moni said...

Waw you have stunning craft space, love your organization. Hugs, moni

paola said...

Girlfriend i thought i had a lot, after seeing the video and looking at the pics, is this legal? totally insane, lol, in a good way mind!
You lucky lucky girl, your space totally rocks!

Unknown said...

Wow, Katie
Your craftroom is amazing, I have never seen anybody with soooo much crafting goodies....
Thanks for sharing!
Hugs Kobie

NGCARDS said...

WOW I am so jealous of your craft space!!! xxx

Amy E said...

I'm about to start moving all my supplies into my new craft space. You gave me LOTS of great ideas!! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Wow! Your room is GREAT!

Sharon said...

Oh my word.... I have NEVER seen a craftroom as gorgeous as this in Blogland... wow woman, you are SO blessed. I would never want to leave that room to go to work. It's like sitting in a shop permanently. I wouldn't know where or what to touch. Totally unreal! Love it! Can I come and play??? lol hugs Sharon

Kelli said...

Your room is just awesome - you have a lot of great ideas! Where did you get/what did you use for your Copic storage?


Julie said...

oh my gosh - I hope you have a special rider on your house insurance policy to cover all of that - it would cost a fortune to replace it all. You have more stuff than my local store does. I'm jealous.

Susan said...

Absolutely beautiful and so organized!!! I hope you don't mind I posted a link on the CK message board. I love your desk!! I just want to keep looking at it all!

Diane Rooney said...

Wow! What a beautiful space. And so beautifully organised. I love it!

Elle said...

OMG Katie, your room is SPECTACULAR! To come away with even one idea from it would be a blessing let alone a gazillion. Great work on the organizational side. Ditto on the creative side.

Michelle said...

What a great space! Thanks for sharing! On the white shelf with your embellishment letters you mentioned that you used the spice jars from Ikea. Can you tell me which size the Burken jars are (the larger jars)? I don't have an Ikea close but would love to order these if I knew which size to order. Thanks so much!

Katie said...

For the jars for the letters I used Rajtan Spice Jars set of 4.
The Burken jars that fit are the 17oz ones
The Burken Spice Jar fits but only in the larger sections of the Making Memories unit so I was limited to their use.
I hope some of that helps :)

Michelle said...

Thanks for giving me the info on the jars - they look perfect and I definitely "need" some! One more question - what do you use to hang the completed layouts from the curtain rods? Thanks for giving away all of your secrets - I love your room and really want to steal some of your ideas!

Katie said...

The curtain rods are Walmart, the Better Homes and Gardens brand.
I looked online and they don't have the exact ones I used but they've been up a few years. The trick is to use the Clip Rings to hold the layouts. They come in a pack of 7. I get 6 layouts on each rods so need 12 rings. They work with any rod less than 1" thick.

Michelle said...

Thank you so much! Now I have some shopping to do!

Heather said...

This is a fabulous room. So many great organizational ideas :)

AerynK Designs said...

It's a LOVELY room, and your island turned out great! I did send this link to my DH and told me if I ever even try to have this much stuff, to put me in a padded jacket. 7 years of scrapping, I still fit into a closet. I'm overwhelmed just by the PICTURES here, lol!

Lisa Foster said...

Fabulous room Katie! I love how beautifully displayed and organized it is! I LOVE how you've hung your gorgeous layouts on the curtain rods! Brilliant! :)

Sandy said...

Wow, what a great room! I am in total awe of your organizational talents. I have some layouts displayed from curtain rods like you do, love that idea! Also love your color cubes, what a great idea to sort and store embellishments by color. Something I never though of but am seriously considering redoing my stuff! Thanks for sharing your great space.

Jane H said...

I need you to come organize me :)

Anna said...

WOW! I'm speechless! This is an amazing scraproom! Thanks for showing!

Made by Mandy said...

This is one fab craft room Katie. I love how super organised your items are and that you have so much space to play in. I am lucky I have my own space but it is only very tiny so yours looks like a dream come true to me :)

Thanks you for sharing, it is truly gorgeous.

Love Mandy xxx

Joan V said...

What a wonderful husband, to have made that fantastic desk. Wow. You have the most organized craft room. Organization is the key to using all the products. I bet you have hours of fun in your room. Thanks for sharing.

Trudie said...

Wow!!! I don't think there is much else to say! What an amazing craft room. I work from the dining room table and if I had a room like this I don't think I would ever leave. It is just pure paradise!! Thank you for sharing....(not sure the OH will be saying that in the morning when I show him what I want for christmas!!)
Take care xxx

Mummylade said...

wow! If I had a room like this I would never leave. It's to die for!!

Nicki said...

OMG! this room is just totally amazing! ....i want one!

Samantha Carlton said...

OMG! i love it, you are a lucky lady to have so much room to do what you love!

Sam x

Leigh-Ann said...

Thanks for the inspiration, your craft room is beautiful!! Just wondering about the acrylic sheet you use for your stamps - where do you get them? I really like that idea.

Thanks Leigh-Ann

Tita Mama said...

This is the most beautiful and well organized craft room I have ever seen. I bet it's difficult to ever leave it.

Primitive Seasons said...

You certainly have a lot of "stuff." I'm curious how large this room is???


Marty Walden said...

Unbelievably beautiful and organized. What a wonderful place to create!

Crystal Thomas said...

What a great space it's like a dream space. Can I ask what you are storing your copics in.

Tracy said...

Wow Katie,
What an amazing room, I have the corner of our lounge. I have never seen so much crafting stash. I love your storage ideas, and the colour co-ordinated jars, think i'll store mine like that too.

I love your blog so much I have become a follower, looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous creations.

Happy crafting
Tracy x

SusanLotus said...

I love your craftroom! It´s a heaven for a scrapbooker! :)
Have a great creative week!

Dawnll said...

I am in shock of how big your room is. LOVE LOVE LOVE the organization.
Thanks for sharing the pictures also, it is just beautiful.

Kristie said...

Wow Katie!!! what a fantastic room and some awesome projects as well. I am totally in awe and so jealous of your fabulous desk. Enjoy your wonderful room.

Kari said...

How blessed you are with a fantastic scrap room!!! I'm a bit envious - but also proud for you that you have a lovely area to create it! It's wonderful!!!

ScrappyHeartz said...

What an amazing room! Thanks for sharing all of your organization ideas! I would never want to leave that room! All you need is a toilet! LOL!
Debbie Chapman

Katie said...

Thanks everyone!
Let me see if I can answer the questions:

1.The room is the bonus room in our house and hard to measure but I think about 15' by 15'

2.The Copics are stored in a unit I got at Target. It was $24.99 and the cubes are too deep so I made false backs out of chipboard so the markers don't fall to the back out of site.

3.The acrylic sheets are from Hobby Lobby in the area where the stained glass things are. I cut them using a large metal t-square and a box cutter. The I punched holes with my Crop-o-dile

4. Actually there is a bathroom off this room, great for the obvious and also for washing paint brushes etc. I'm looking to get one of those mini fridges for drinks as the kitchen is downstairs and on the other side of the house.

I think that covers it :)

Unknown said...

I love your room!! Can you tell me where did you get your themed drawers? What are the measurements? And is that a shelf on top of the drawers to make it into a desk?

Katie said...

All of the drawer combinations are by Jetmax and they sell them at Michaels and Hobby Lobby. The desk is made up of the cubes with a plinth to raise it up 6" and a top made of MDF.

carolyn's creations said...

I think your craftroom is larger than my entire house!! And it's so organized, love it!!

Chanda said...

OMGoodness, your room is wonderful and large. I REALLY like that it is so organized. I would love to just sit in there for a few hours...then play.

Debbie said...

I am SO jealous! I love it all but have a small room, I think I will do the drawers for each theme. I love that idea.

tm1 said...

I love your room. TFS Terri

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Your craft room is beautiful! Could you tell me where you got those flat, white boxes in your expedit bookshelves? The ones that stack three high. I have looked and looked and can't seem to find boxes that size.


Lb Scrapgirl said...

Great room organizing! Do you know who makes the red boxes in the Expedit unit that hold your Christmas stuff? I have the same unit and would to find a box that fits the space.

Katie said...

Those red boxes were from Target. Ikea also does lots of boxes especially to fit the Expedit.

Robin said...

Wow!! Thanks for sharing!

Christina said...

KAtie, you have a fabulous space. i am wondering where you got your embellishment center pieces. I have a very small space and those would be perfect.
Thanks in advance

Starr R. said...

I love love love your room. Mine is a work in progress.....always, lol. I'm stealing done of your ideas, thanks :)