Friday, October 2, 2009

Instructions for my Autumn Wreath

Hi Everyone!
I'm glad so many of you like my wreath that I made for the By The Cute and Girly challenge and I've been asked for instructions so I thought it may help others out there too.

I'm trying to write this for people on both sides of the Atlantic so bear with me and read the bits relevant to your country! LOL
I'm afraid that although I'm English I now live in Texas and so many of the things I have I won't be the same as the English products.
But I can throw a few ideas out and you should be able to get something similar wherever you live.
Hobby Lobby is where I buy my stuff and it is like Hobby Craft (I was home in England at Christmas so I've been there :)) just with more stuff.
I started with a Grapevine wreath which looks like a round circle made of twigs.
You could use a green wreath (like a Christmas one) it may be easier to find or even a straw wreath.
First I got a ribbon I liked, attached it to the inside of the wreath (keeping the ribbon on the spool) and wound the ribbon over and under all the way around the wreath.
Then I got a bunch of fake Sunflowers and cut them off the bunch leaving about a 6" long stem for me to use to attach it to the wreath. I then poked the stem of the flower into the wreath and twisted it around a twig to secure it. The stems are wired so they bend easily. You could also cut the flower with a shorter stem and hot glue it on.
Then I got some fake berries on stems. I bent them to the shape that worked witht he wreath and poked in and secured the stems again. I then splayed the berries out to how I wanted them to look. I also had another bunch of tiny flowers and did the same as I did with the Sunflowers.

For the English readers (my American friends know what these are!) we have these things called "Picks" which are small bunches of things like leaves, fake fruit and they come on a stem too and you can see them in the close up above. I chose some I like and I did exactly the same as the others and poked in and secured the stems.
The I got some tiny pumpkins that are also on stems and did the same.
So it really is easy and you can get the look you want.
For my English friends I would try stores like Home Base, Wilkinsons, Hobby Craft, Garden Centers and even a market for supplies. You really just need a store that sells fake flowers and you should be able to see something that works.
I know if you take a look around you'll find something to create your own.
Anyway I hope that helps and I'd love to see what you create!


Unknown said...

Just GORGEOUS, Katie! I made a Christmas one before but not a Fall one. Yours turned out GREAT! Love it!

Unknown said...

I made a wreath come and see, it was inspired by your (although mine is a little more scary)

Love Dawn xx