Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another new challenge blog and this one I'm really excited about!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
I'm so excited and to let you all know why!
A fellow team mate of mine from a couple of other challenge blogs, Jane, is starting her own monthly challenge blog and it will be so great!
Instead of just paper crafts, which the majority of challenges blogs feature, this one is for ALL handmade creations!
So if you are a dressmaker, a knitter, a flower arranger, a painter, a home decorator or really anything you make yourself you can be in!
The challenges will be wide reaching so that you can find a way to incorporate your favorite craft and join. Just imagine a blog with cards, cakes, sweaters and woodwork all in one place!
I know that before I discovered paper crafts 12 years ago that I loved to arrange flowers and still today my house is filled with my creations. I love to choose "silk" stems and leaves, wandering around the store creating the bouquet in my hand as I go along, adding, taking away, bending stems this way and that.
So be sure to keep tuned into By the Cute and Girly to see when the launch will be and to see what wonderful creations the hand picked team comes up with.
Oh, and did I forget something..........yes, I'm sure I did.......oh yes.....I'M ON THE TEAM!!!!!!!
So if you want to see what other things I can come up with other than the odd card or two then be sure to check it out!

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WiKKori said...

Hi Katie
It looks like fun to me. I'll stay tuned, so good luck with new inventions!